Compact Roller Garage Doors Bristol

By About Security

High Quality Garage Doors

The Compact Garage Door is an ideal solution where there is not enough headroom to accommodate the larger headbox and wider side guides of the Ultimate Door. By using the Compact Door  in some situations they can provide that bit of extra “walk under the door when open height“ that is needed to make the open height of the door more user friendly especially when the total available height of the garage is restrictive or unable to accommodate a larger headbox.

A Compact Garage Door is manufactured from the smaller 54/56 mm laths that will typically roll into a headbox of 220mm (9inches) with side guide dimensions of 69mm wide. It uses the same motors and controls identical to the Ultimate Door including the excellent optical bottom rail safety edge and integrated alarm system.

We offer a full range of standard colours as per the PDF brochure you can view or download.
The Compact system with its smaller guides and headbox dimensions can offer a solution in situations such as fitting roller doors to pre-fabricated garages, garages with low roof heights, low headroom and little space internally above the lintel.

As these doors operate using high quality Somfy motors along with the insulated Heroal laths that form the door curtain, sliding in brush lined side guides the operation of the door is extremely quiet whilst operating.

You can see examples of roller garage doors we have recently installed on our Facebook page by clicking here.